Friday, October 28, 2011

on radio silence and an apartment

I woke up this morning before my alarm went off to the smell of the heat coming up through the pipes.  I'd like to say that the first signs of winter coming smelled sweet, but instead it came up through the building as warming paint and chemicals.  It stung a bit and I knew it must be cold out, so I stayed under the comforter and hit snooze three too many times.

But there is happy news to report.  A lease has been signed, checks have been written, we move Tuesday.  At some point before then we'll find something to be for Halloween, turns out when you are only thinking about where you are going to be living in one week you forget what day it is.

The frantic stress of finding a place and the happy stress of my writing class has meant that I've been quiet here this month.  But soon I hope to be settled in the new place and back to here. 

Halloween's past will make up for our lack of spirit this year: 

it seems we only take photos of our costumes on the subway platform

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