Tuesday, February 7, 2012

on home and what's next

Home from Mexico.  We left there yesterday morning after walking across a warm tarmac to a plane in Leon and arrived home 10 hours later to a New York February.  But it's still with me.  It's in the sun that's tattooed on my arms and forehead and in the dust on the bottom of my boots from the canyon hike on Sunday.  And now there are hundreds of photos to sift through but not too quickly, because that's still with me too.  It doesn't all have to be so fast.  Even here with the cell phones back on and the computer and the tv and the cabs and the noise.  For a little while I can keep that part of me here that was different there.

There were highlights.  Food and sun and a visit to a 500 year-old tree among them, but this is the best for me.  On stage with my Dad, something we've only done once before (twice if you count that open mic in 9th grade when he played "Round Here" with me).  This time there were four songs at a San Miguel open mic and then another when I joined him for a song during his set at a sold out show a few days later.  It's a funny thing to be reminded of something you love so much, something that feels so much like home, it's forced me to think about what's next.  I know I'm no rock star, but I think I need this in my life.  Maybe a little more often than an every few years attempt. 

Oh My Sweet Carolina

Angel from Montgomery

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