Friday, May 25, 2012

on being back

I was just struck with a total sense of panic.  Not for anything real or serious, but rather because I realized that May was ending and I was about to let an entire month go by without writing one word here.  Blogger tells me that my last post was on April 13th.  As I write that sentence I feel like I'm in a confessional, even though I've never been to confession, saying, "Bless me father for I have sinned.  It has been six weeks since my last post."  Irish Catholic guilt is with me even without being raised Catholic.  Now that's something. 

I panicked because I loved writing here.  I don't want to let this go.  But as the space between posts grew I started to feel that it was a silly endeavor to start with and I was not cut out for keeping up with it.  And once that tiny nagging thought crept into my head I let go of writing and have not been back to this page since. 

But here I am.  Back again.  I am not sure what will come next but I thought enough time had passed without any words.  

photo from here.

And a very happy unofficial start to summer to you.  My annual welcome summer party begins momentarily with an afternoon with a friend and a weekend at my grandmother's.  It's good to be back.


  1. I was so happy to open my reader just now and see that you'd blogged again! I always enjoy reading your writing, even though I'm a slacker at commenting.

  2. so glad to read your voice-missed it.happy weekend to you.

  3. I check your blog everyday, it is in my top blogs 5 blogs I check daily xoxoxo

  4. Glad you're back into the glorious debris!