Tuesday, November 20, 2012

on a bit of mighty

Saturday night, sitting at the diner with a small group of driven, smart, passionate women, I found myself making the case for why the zombie apocalypse was more than plausible, and why the $239 backup power supply from Brookstone* was on my Christmas list because of it.  I had only met these women two nights earlier but somehow felt comfortable enough to show them my nervous-rocking tick as I tried to convey, "this is real guys, it could happen."  It may have been the margarita talking, or maybe the two hours of The Walking Dead I had caught up on before going to Palm Springs but, either way, I felt pretty strongly that they needed to understand the consequences of inaction.  The group was quiet for a second and then Adina spoke up: her mom lived upstate with plenty of land to grow things and the position of the house was "defensible".  Yes, I thought, this is good.  We have a plan.  

I have more to say about Camp Mighty.  More important things than rambling thoughts of zombie tv shows turned real life.  Like how it lifted me out of the din of the past few months and snapped me awake.  How it surrounded me with a feeling so far from the middle-school-cafeteria fear I thought I'd be struck with**.  How the weekend served as a reminder that there is so much more to be and do and these people are the ones who are making it happen. 

But, for now, I am left knowing that if all goes to hell, I have a group of ladies who will have my back.  In a defensible position in upstate New York.  And that's something.

*ok, so I don't actually have a Christmas list, but if I did this would be on it. Most likely because of the Hurricane and the thought of being without power for all those days. But it would come in handy if the world crumbled due to zombie invasion as well.

**The fear was definitely present for the first hour of Thursday night as I forced myself to leave the safety of the hotel room and enter the bar.


  1. Can I head out with you when the zombie apocalypse strikes?

    Glad we met in person. Wish we had had more time to talk. Next time. Another time. And I'll do what I can with your life list!

  2. So so so so so (was that enough?) glad that I met you at Camp Mighty Caitlin! I can't wait to read more of your thoughts about Camp and hopefully see you again some time in the next few weeks! I'm working 7 days a week right now, so I'm holding out for a day of at some point!

    Any yes, I'll keep building some options for the zombie apocalypse. Both west and east coast options.

  3. :) I love this post, Caitlin! Looking forward to reading more. I'm glad I met you at Camp Mighty. Let's keep in touch. xo

  4. I love your zombie plans, and I'm so glad we got to meet and chat (still really love the name of your blog BTW). I would have never guessed you were shy by our chats. Good for you (for all of us) for taking big steps this weekend. I'm glad we have our FB group to keep in touch and keep the momentum going!