Thursday, July 14, 2011

on rebirth and brass part II

Last night I went down to South Street to see Rebirth Brass Band, the band I loved in April, at the NOLA Funk Jazz Fest.  It was a gorgeous night and after a popup rain storm a rainbow appeared over the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg bridges forcing everyone to the edges of the pier with their cameras in tow. 

I hummed to myself on the walk home from the subway, ears buzzing from standing next to the speakers for too long, moon almost full above me, and said a quiet thanks to the world.  I spend so much time wishing for time to move more quickly, wishing for more space and a house and a baby and a dog, for everything that is to come next.  But last night I reminded myself that I won't always live in New York City, I won't always be able to stay out until 1am with my friend just to listen to a band.  That for now, as hard as this year has been, there is an ease to life here that I am thankful for.

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