Tuesday, July 5, 2011

on slowing down

Last night, as fireworks went off all along the horizon around us, I didn't look at the time.  I didn't wonder about the parking lot of traffic that might be out there on 95.  I didn't worry about waking up this morning and being overtired*.  I sat on a beach chair on the lawn in front of Justin and Mary's house and soaked it in.  It's new for me, but I'm trying to slow down**.  And when we left it wasn't late, there was no traffic, and this morning we weren't sleepy.  But if it was, if we were, it would have been okay.  I have to keep reminding myself of that.


*Yes, overtired, sometimes I confuse myself with a toddler. 
**It seems I'm not the only one, Mary just wrote a post about the same thing.


  1. Love, love, love! Thank you guys SO much for being there. For helping us remember to slow down.

    Love yoU!

  2. Great meeting you guys! ... and tel Mike to keep practicing for next year!