Tuesday, September 13, 2011

on taking steps

I signed up for a writing class.  It is a step toward leaving behind the phrase, "I write, but I'm not a writer".  That excuse I hide behind (even in my profile on this page) so if a comma should be a semicolon or if no one out there thinks this is very good I can say, "well, I told you so, I told you I wasn't a writer".  I don't know why I am struck with this fear of becoming better at something and then having to admit that I have become better at that thing, but on September 26th I'll walk into a room and take a step towards coming out from under the I'm not good enough. 

I am thankful for the few of you who come here, you give me the confidence to try and be better, so thank you.  There's more to come because of you. 

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