Friday, September 23, 2011

on Will Dailey & The Rivals

In 1995 my brother Cris came home from college with a new friend from Boston.  New friend was dreamy and I immediately ran to the stereo to put on something cool, so new dreamy friend would think Cris had the most awesome sister on the planet.  I think I chose Nina Simone.  It said, I'm mature, but smooth.  I was neither mature nor smooth, which is why this memory is so embarrassingly hysterical.  The friend, Will Dailey, was a musician and had come back home with my brother to play a show with him.  They were good even then.

Sixteen years, several bandmates, name changes, and records later, Will Dailey released his latest album on Wednesday.  As one journalist said, "The album proves to be a landmark for Dailey. It's his first for Universal Republic Records, and it's not only his most inspired work yet, it's one of the best rock releases of 2011."  

My brother left the band a few years ago to be home with his amazing sons and to go back to school, but the album still feels like his history too.  Because I can't listen to the tracks without thinking of that first basement apartment in Boston*.  Of the years of hard work and effort and setbacks and letdowns.  And now of knowing that working like that can pay off.  That it can happen.  I love Will like a brother.  Proud is an understatement. 

You can preview tracks and buy the album here.
*who knew I'd have so many past posts that could fit into this one?

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