Sunday, June 19, 2011

on father's day

Happy father's day to my Dad, to one of my favorite people.  I feel lucky that I know him, that I get to call him my friend.  And I am thankful that as an adult this is an easier thing to say.  As a kid I always thought my Dad was the coolest person in the room, I never really understood why it wasn't cool that I thought so.

My Dad and stepmom have been in Mexico since September.  I am so happy that they are building another life for themselves after decades of working so hard, but there is a distance that can't be filled with emails and phone calls and I ache for them to come home.  The last time I saw them was the day after our wedding in August and I miss them, I miss him. 

Happy father's day Dad.  Have a margarita on me and we'll celebrate a year of holidays in August.  You are still, to me, the coolest person in the room. 

Dancing at the wedding, you can hear the band leader announcing the fact that my brother is going to surprise us by taking the mic but we're talking over him and don't realize that's happening until my brother starts to sing... 

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