Tuesday, June 28, 2011

on one income

So the thing about vacation is that it costs money.  And the thing about having a spouse in school full time for the past two years is that we don't have a lot of it.  Mike hasn't worked for more than a few weeks here and there since he left his job for school in 2009.  Vacation might not have been the wisest financial move we've ever made but we have promised to be careful for the rest of the summer. 

"Careful" means we woke up early this morning and packed lunches (well, let's be honest here, Mike woke up early while I was getting ready and packed my lunch).  The fridge has food in it for cooking dinner at home.  We will watch the netflix that comes in the mail even though it's not what we're in the mood for and it would be easier to buy the on demand movie for $4.99.  

And maybe one day soon one of these school districts will take a chance on the new kid and give Mike a call.  Until then, we'll be careful.

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