Monday, June 13, 2011

on the weekend

Mike hurt his foot Friday morning playing basketball and I twisted my knee at some point last week so Friday night was spent on the couch with ice packs and pillows for elevation.  At one point I looked up from the book I was reading and caught Mike's eye, he was looking at me with this funny smile and said, if only someone could take a photo of us right now.  I said I was very thankful no one was there to take one-it was not our prettiest moment.

After a visit to the doctor on Saturday morning Mike's foot was wrapped in a soft cast and he was told to stay off it for a few days.  This meant that I hobbled into the city on my own Saturday night for a few hours of laughing so hard my stomach hurt at a showing of Slow Children Crossing (my friend's comedy group from LA) and then a late night/early morning karaoke experience.  I don't do karaoke.  Or so I said about a dozen times before getting on the small stage.  Thankfully there is no recorded/photographic evidence of that experience either.

And now the countdown to vacation begins-just as Mike said through the kitchen window as I walked to work this morning-only two more work wakeups and then we're on the road. 


  1. countdown to vacation is the BEST. we leave for ours tomorrow morning (eek!) and i couldn't be more excited!

    (i found you through APW... we have the same name and the same quote on our sidebars. strange coincidences, huh?)

  2. Funny - I sprained my ankle Friday night! I should have hobbled over for company. We could have had a three-legged race!

  3. -Lauren, I'm sorry you're hobbling too, it would have been a cuter picture if you came by!

    -Caitlin-nice to "meet" you! What a funny coincidence about the names and the quotes. I just went over to your site and love that Mary Oliver one too. I started this blog after my post on loss and a wedding ran on APW, but I still check in there nearly every day. Can't get enough of Meg and the amazing women that follow her. Have a great vacation, I'll be sure to check in on your site now.

  4. yikes! sorry to hear about your troubles. here's hoping a vacation will make it all better.