Thursday, June 23, 2011

on home-easing back or maybe crashing down

Yesterday morning, a cool breeze off the water, slow deep breaths, quietly smiling to ourselves on a porch listening to some local guys talk about the Bruins and an upcoming fishing trip.  Last night, the noise, heat, fullness of being home.  Kids outside using the rungs in our fire escape ladder as a basketball hoop and a welcome home roach scurrying across the living room floor.

But this morning the routine of home seemed a little easier.  The alarm going off, getting ready, finding my place on the subway, reading a few pages and then coming out onto 5th ave, running into a co-worker and catching up on the week.  I realized I actually missed these things.  But not the roaches.  I will never miss the roaches.

On the ferry leaving vacation we realized we hadn't turned the cameras around on ourselves yet..that we hadn't turned the camera around on ourselves in many months. So here we are.

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