Tuesday, June 7, 2011

on a lemonade inspired vacation

I wrote a few weeks ago about needing adventure this summer but the more I thought about it, I decided this is not the summer for adventure.  Not the time for something new and bold and daring.  No, this is the summer for comfortable and familiar.  So I started to think about what that would feel like (yes, what something "feels" like is far more scientific/practical than any other type of planning process) and I've decided I want our vacation to feel like a Countrytime Lemonade commercial.  You know what I'm talking about.  The one where quintessential happy summer people are seen doing happy summer things and then it ends with the kid jumping off a dock into some summer perfect lake? Yes, that's it, I want it to feel like that.

So I told Mike this and instead of telling me that I am crazy, he sat down and started looking at summer towns within driving distance (we have a car for the first time in our 9 year relationship, it's very exciting).  But you know what?  Northeast summer towns are really expensive in the summer.  I started to get discouraged and may have said something along the lines of "nevermind we just won't go anywhere and it will be a terrible summer and we'll never take vacation again".  Or something equally dramatic and ridiculous.  Thankfully, Mike is less prone to theatrics and thought of the brilliant idea of trying to get away this month, since most of the general vacationing public will not be on the road until their kids finish school in a few weeks.  And, because that man of mine just likes proving me wrong, we found a great June deal, work said ok to the last minute vacation time, and we booked it this morning.

I am not very good at being spontaneous, but I'm working on it.  So next Thursday we'll be off for 6 nights to an apartment above the Black Dog General Store in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard.  I haven't been to the island in about 15 years, but word is that off season (technically June is included in this) is less crowded than the rest of the summer.  So here's to an easy summery vacation and some much-needed time away.  Thank you Countrytime commercial for the inspiration. 


Gay Head Lighthouse

sheep in Chilmark

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