Thursday, June 2, 2011

on one wrong letter

We turned on the NBA playoffs after dinner but with little invested in it we started flipping around and stumbled upon the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  Neither of us said anything but the remote was put down and we watched for the last hour of the competition.  After a few minutes we had chosen our favorite to win (Laura, who laughed and made funny faces the whole time in front of the mic, easy choice) and our least favorite (Sukanya, who was way too serious for our liking).  When Laura made it to the final round Mike fist pumped the air and when her opponent, who just happened to be Sukanya, was up for her final word we put our hands out to the tv and chanted "miss it, miss it, miss it" as if she were LeBron on the foul line.  We did not seem to be embarrassed by being so invested in this.  But Laura missed on sorites, overcomplicating things and adding a p to the beginning of the word.  And then Sukanya was left standing.  When she won I slapped the couch in frustration as Mike cursed under his breath.

And we learned two things: We don't know how to spell.  And we definitely need to get out more.

How could you not want this girl to win?

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